Bicycle Bell Types and History

One of the defining characteristics of modern bicycles is that all road variants come with the bell that drivers can easily use to notify nearby cyclist or pedestrians about their position. It is not known when was the first bicycle bell created, but history tells us that the modern bicycle bell was first patented even as early as 1887. The first man who patented bicycle bell was John Richard Dedicoat, British inventor who managed to distinguish himself as a James Watt apprentice, and inventor of several gadgets including pencil-sharpening machine.

Picture Of Bell For Bicycle

Modern bicycle bell is constructed as a very simple device that can be operated by flicking your thumb. Motion of a small handle lever will rotate several gears that will rapidly rotate two metal discs that would very quickly rattle and strike the bell that is represents majority of the external housing of the device. This way driver can easily create very loud sound that closely resembles the sound of the electric bell.

In addition to this classic design, two other are used on modern bicycles, although they are much rarer. First one is a simple “ding-ding” clapper that can be operated with a thumb, and other one is a bicycle horn that creates sound when user squeezes rubber bulb attached to a small metal horn. Airflow of that move will push air forward, vibrate it in horn’s chamber and produce loud sound. Very rarely some bicycles even use battery operated horns, or horns who are powered with the cans of compressed gas.

Even though you are maybe not satisfied with the classic bell design on your own bicycle, you can always easily purchase new one and easily mount it on the handlebars or frame of your bicycle. Modern bicycle stores and internet retailers offer selections of thousands and thousands bells designs, including those who are based not on rotating discs hitting the bell surface, but also horns, electric or compressed gas variants.