List of Bicycle Tools

The best general tool that every bicycle owner has to have is bicycle pump and a set of double-ended cone wrenches for working with brackets sized 13-16mm. However, for more in-depth repair and creation of custom bicycles many additional tools are needed. Here they are separated in several distinct categories.

Brake tools

  • Cable tensioning tool - Needed for stretching spokes.
  • Brake clamps – For placing brakes in specific position.
  • Disk straightening tool
  • Cable and housing cutters

Hub, wheel and tire tools

Picture Of Bicycle Pump
  • Cone wrenches – Needed for dismantling, modifying or adjusting hub bearings.
  • Dishing gauge- For measuring dish of a wheel.
  • Spoke wrenches – For tensioning wheel spokes.
  • Tensiometer – For measuring tension of wheel spokes.
  • Tire bead jack
  • Tire levers – For removing tires form the rim, they are made either from metal or plastic.
  • Wheel truing stand

Headset tools

  • Headset is a part of a bike that houses entire rotating interface between bicycle fork and head tube of the bicycle frame. Repairing this part of a bike requires special set of tools that can gain access to complicated set of components that consists from several sets of ball bearings and their casings.
  • Crown race cutting tool
  • Crown race puller or remover
  • Head tube facing and reaming tool
  • Headset bearing cup press
  • Headset wrenches are oversized
  • Hex keys
  • Star-nut setter

Drivetrain and bottom bracket tools

  • Bottom bracket taps and facing tools
  • Bracket wrenches
  • Chain splitter
  • Chain whip
  • Crank extractor
  • Derailleur alignment gauge
  • Freewheel removers
  • Lock-ring remover
  • Pedal wrench
  • Pin spanner
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