Types of Bicycles - Differences Between Bicycles

Over their 150 year long life, bicycles have been used in vide variety of tasks. This article will provide the list of some of the most important bicycles types categorized by some of their most common function.

By Function

  • Common (utility) bicycles are used for everyday use in commuting, shopping and running errands.
  • Mountain bicycles are designed for off-road use and are equipped with more durable frame, wheels and suspension systems.
  • Racing Bicycles are designed for competitive road racing. Their need to achieve high speeds requires them to be made from very light materials and to have almost no accessories.
  • Touring bicycles are designed for long journeys. Their standard equipment consists of comfortable seats and wide range of accessories that help with carrying portable small baggage.
  • BMX bicycles are designed for stunts and tricks. They are often built with small light frames and wheels with wider, treaded tires that provide better grip with road.
  • Multi Bike is designed with sets for two or more riders. Largest bike of this type can carry 40 riders.

Construction types

  • High-wheel bicycle (better known as “penny-farthing”) is an old-fashioned type of bicycle that was popular during 1880s. It featured main large wheel, and secondary small wheel.
  • pright bicycle (or common bicycle) that has the traditional design in witch driver sits in the seat between two wheels and operate the pedals.
  • Prone bicycle in which driver is lying is used in some high-speed sport competitions.
  • Folding bicycle can be often seen in urban environments. It is designed to have small and light frame.
  • Exercise bicycle is designed to remain stationary.
  • Electric bicycles are equipped with small electric motor. User has the option to either use pedals or to coast using the power from the engine.
Picture Of Old Bike

By gearing

  • Single-speed bicycles are used on all common bicycles and BMX’s.
  • Derailleur gears are used in most of today’s racing and mountain bike bicycles. It can offer from five to 30 speeds.
  • Internal hub gear is often used in common bikes. They provide from three to fourteen speeds.
  • Chainless bicycles are using driveshaft or a belt-drive to transfer the power from the pedals to the wheel. They often use only one speed.

By means of propulsion

  • Human-powered – Pedals, hand cranks, rowing bicycle, treadle bicycle, and balance bicycle [velocipede].
  • Motorized bicycle is using very small motor to provide power for movement (Moped).
  • Electric bicycle is propelled both by rider and by small electric motor that is powered by battery. Battery can be recharged either by external power source or by harvesting the power while user is driving the bike via pedals.
  • Flywheel uses stored kinetic energy.
Picture Of Old Bike
Picture Of Old Bike
Picture Of Old Red Bicycle
Picture Of Red Mud Mountain Bike
Picture Of Pink Bicycle For Girls
Picture Of Rusted Bicycle