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Pierre Michaux - Inventor of First Working Prototype of Bicycle

Name: Pierre Michaux
Category: Blacksmith, the inventor of the bicycle
Birthdate: June 25
Birthyear: 1813
Birthplace - Country: France
Birthplace - City: Bar le Duc
Deathyear: 1883
Deathplace - Country: France
Deathplace - City: Paris

Piere Michaux was one of the most important French inventors of all time. His contributions in the field of bicycles forever changed the way of human public transportation. Invention that gained him such fame was his early 1960s addition of bicycle pedals to the design of then popular “dandy horse”. That two-wheeled velocipede then became the first of many billion bicycles that were made during the last one and a half century.

Piere was born on 25, 1813 in Bar le Duc June, France. He worked as a blacksmith and a carriage maker in Paris when in early 1860s he became experimenting with bicycle pedals. Together with his son Ernest and partner Pierre Lallement they successfully made first working prototype of bicycle. After initial testing and limited mass production, they became sure that this device could potentially reach every home on the world. With the help of Olivier brothers Aimé and René they managed to secure the funds for their new company Michaux et Cie ("Michaux and company"). With factory in place in 1868, they became first bicycle mass production. They started with the simple wooden frame but later they used more refined two-part cast iron frames. With some alteration made by their mechanic team Piere Michaux soon started production of diagonal wrought iron frame, which proved to be very popular. With his business rising he expanded his sale to other countries, most notably England and USA. Rise of bicycle demand ignited production of many additions – most notably more comfortable seats, rubber tires and ball bearings.

During the years if 1868-69, bicycle craze ignited on both sides of Atlantic. Even the remote areas of both continent started using bicycles on a daily basis, with the more concentrated use around city areas (better road network). In 1870, France sadly entered into Franco-Prussian war, which totally disrupted bicycle sales when factory of Michaux was commissioned to help in a war effort. During that time bicycle, sales in USA also dropped dramatically. Cause for that can be found in undeveloped road network and because of several patent lawsuits, which halted local bicycle production. The only remaining fertile ground for bicycle remained in England, and from the beginning of the Franco-Prussian all the major bicycle developments happened there. Some of the most important bicycle inventions that were developed in the following 20 years were chain drive, better steering, pneumatic tires, and coaster brakes.

Pierre Michaux died in Paris in 1883, but his legacy lives in modern bicycle that today has annual production rate of over 100 billion units.