List of Bicycle Records

Bicycle Speed Records:

  • Motor paced - Fred Rompelberg in 1995 achieved speed of 268 km/h using motor-pacing.
  • Prototype downhill - Eric Barone achieved speed of 222 km/h on a snowy downhill using a prototype bicycle in 2000.
  • Treadmill assisted - Bruce Bursford used very expensive (£1 million) special prototype bicycle to achieve speed of 334.6 km/h in 1996.
  • Flat surface, unassisted – Male record for regular cycling without pace car is held by Sebastiaan Bowier with the speed of 133.75 km/h in 2013. Female record is held by Barbara Buatois with 121.81 km/h in 2010.
  • Serial bicycle, downhill - Markus Stöckl achieved speed of 210.4 km/h using serial production bicycle in 2007.
  • Serial bicycle, downhill on a volcano - Markus Stöckl drove 164.95 km/h driving downhill on a volcano using serial production bicycle.
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24 hour Cycling Records

  • Men’s road records – Most famous 24h cycling records by men were achieved by Charles Terront (546 km in 1879), Cyril Heppleston (770 km in 1938), Hubert Opperman (814 km in December of 1939), Jean-Pascal Roux (839 km in 2009), Andy Wilkinson (871 km in 2011). Custom “Human Powered Vehicle” record is held by Christian von Ascheberg who in 2010 traveled 1,219.02 km in 24 hours.
  • Women’s road records – Many female cyclists are famous for their bicycle records. Most notable ones who managed to cover the most distance in 24 hours are Edith Atkins (679 km in 1953), Sandy Earl (712.07 in 2011) and Maria Parker (755.1 km in 2012).
  • Men’s Track Record – Holder of the record of most distance traveled on a track in 24 hours is Australian cyclist Hubert Opperman who managed to cover distance of 787.5 km in Melbourne in 1940. His average speed was 32.8 km/h.
  • Women’s Track records – Women record holder for longest distance covered on a track in 24 hours is Italian cyclist Anna Mei who traveled 711 km with average speed of 29.63 km/h.

Long Distance Bicycle Records

  • Land's End to John O'Groats – Famous 1047 km long race that is held in Great Britain has many record holders. Most notable are Gethin Butler (2001, Upright bicycle, 44h 4m 20s,) Andy Wilkinson (1996, Faired recumbent bicycle, 41h 4m 22s), Lynne Taylor (2001, 52h 45m), Pete Swindon & John Withers (tandem record, 2 days 02h 14m 25s).
  • Land's End to John O'Groats to Land's End – Extended version of this race has a distance of 1880 miles, and the current record holder in a upright bicycle is Ben Rockett. In 2010 he finished it in 141h 8m.
  • One Thousand Miles – This famous Australian race has two current record holders - Gethin Butler who finished it in 55h 59m, and woman driver Lynne Taylor who finished it in 64h 40m.
  • Seven days – Holder of this longest Australian challenge is Pat Hawkins, female driver who managed to cycle 2,489.3 km in seven days during 1940.
  • Ultra Marathon – Marathon cycling race that is driven in United Staes. Current record holders are Pete Penseyres (fastest average speed of 24.8/ km/h on the 5,000 km long track in 1986) and Seana Hogan (fastest women average speed of 21.3 km/h on the 4,686 km long track in 1995).
  • World Endurance record – Record holders for most distance traveled in one year is currently held by British driver Tommy Godwin whjo in 1939 traveled 120,805 km. Female record is held by Mrs Billie Dovey from England, who in 1939 cycled for 48,118.4 km.
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